Wednesday, February 29, 2012

household cleaners i love - yeah, i'm surprised about this post, too

my friends rita stella and nedra are most likely shocked that i would post anything that has to do with cleaning,  but the times they are a changin' ladies and here are my top three must-haves:

lemi shine
when we moved to pasadena i started noticing all of these hard water spots on our very new glasses and i was not happy.  carrie suggested i try lemi shine and i have now become obsessed.  it's amazing how clean it will get your dishes, for real people.

mr. clean magic erasers
these little babies will easily remove any stain you might come across.  sadly for us it is often used to remove cat snot from our walls (believe me i realize how disgusting that is, but i'm living the truth) because bayou has this chronic sinus issue -- and it works beautifully. also, they are great at getting all the chalk residue off of your chalk board.  they make it look brand spanking new.

meyer's hand soap

i discovered this soap at world market and i really feel like no other kitchen soap compares.  my personal favorite is the basil scent, but they have several others.  i just love the subtle scent and they have great dish detergent, countertop spray, etc. so you can have an exclusive scent for your kitchen.  it sounds fancier that way, right?

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