Friday, March 2, 2012

thankful for ... (food!)

menchie's froyo --  i am a froyo connoisseur and i'm always on the lookout for it whenever i go to a new neighborhood.  i found menchie's in studio city, and although my first love is studio city yogurt, this is definitely a close second.  the best thing about this place is that they have warm peanut butter topping.  they have this chain on the east coast people, so i strongly recommend checking it out.

cupcake lasagna -- about a month ago we went over to our good friends' tim & michael's for dinner and whenever i get invited to experience a meal cooked by michael i spend days in anticipation of what we'll be eating, because  michael is a true chef.  i always leave their house blown away by his skills in the kitchen.  this time he made veggie sausage and kale lasagna cupcakes.  one word: incredible.

thyme cafe & market's chicken salad -- leah and i went to this adorable lunch spot after reading a post on my favorite blog, cup of jo.  we went there for the chocolate chip cookies, but i discovered this little gem of a sandwich.  this was probably one of the best chicken salad sandwiches i have ever eaten and i wholeheartedly attribute that to the hazelnut raisin bread.

jeff's seared ahi tuna -- the first time i went over to jeff's house for dinner (very early in our courtship) he wooed me with this mouthwatering meal.  it just wasn't the sesame crusted sear on this gorgeous steak that made me fall deeper in love with the man, but he also pickled the cucumber.  how many men do you know that pickle their own cucumber?  i heard it as soon as it came out of my mouth, but you get the point.  and years later i had forgotten all about it, until last week when i was craving ahi.  i called him up last friday and put in a request. the result:  i got home friday night and he had everything prepared.  it was just like old times.

julienne's chocolate espresso cookie -- my mom and i discovered this cookie last fall and we both say that this is, hands down, our favorite cookie ever.  chocolate. espresso. walnuts.  that's all you need to know.  if you are in san marino, you must check out this little drop of gourmet heaven.  in addition to the restaurant, there's a cafe and a lot of pre-packaged goodies.  they have a quince vinaigrette that is to die for. 

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