Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Great Bargain

hey guys!  since jessica is on her fabulous caribbean cruise right now, she asked a few of her fellow bloggers to keep things that she loves warm until she returns.  so today, you get me... erin!

some of my favorite times with our favorite mary have been shopping.  anthropologie.  jcrew.  nordstrom rack.  banana republic.  ideeli.  gilt group.  we have yet to meet a store (or a website) that we couldn't manage to spend gobs of money at.  

we also both love a great bargain. 

to me, there is nothing more satisfying than snagging a designer item on sale or finding a more affordable version of a pricier piece.  you know the columns in glamour, marie claire, etc. about splurge vs. steal?  well, in honor of my lust for a deal, I've found a few examples to share in this post.  enjoy!

bright skinny pants
jcrew toothpick jeans ($125) vs. h&m skinny pants ($25)

 textured ceramic vase
michael wainwright truro vase ($99) vs. michael's everyday vase ($6)

red/coral espadrille sandals
ugg 'lauri' sandal ($139) vs. target mossimo 'perri' ($29)

tortoise sunglasses
ray ban 'new wayfayer' ($169) vs. warby parker 'everett' ($95)

men's navy gingham shirt
jack spade ($195) vs. jcrew ($65)

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