Thursday, March 15, 2012

the bachelor finale

i realize i'm a little late with this one, but it's been a crazy week over here.  jeff and i are leaving for vacation tonight and i've spent all my free time running around trying to get everything together. 

but, back to the bachelor.  this season was one of the worst we've had in awhile.  i just found ben to be kinda blah.  and seriously,!  obviously courtney stirred up a lot of drama, but i wonder what the show would have been like without her?  the bottom line is that i just didn't find the girls or ben to be that interesting.  the only hope i had was emily (shout out to chapel hill) and she ended up leaving way too early, most likely because she was smart and interesting.  needless to say, i was glad to say goodbye to ben, the roses and all the heartbroken ladies, but we still had to have fun while bidding adieu...

{the ladies love the drama}

{jeff made an incredible homemade pasta sauce for us}

{this is how the boys feel about the bachelor and his choice}

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