Sunday, March 30, 2014

this week has been a tiny bit brutal, but i'm thankful for ...

this little nugget has been sick all week and we've had many sleepless nights.  but, my favorite part of every day is seeing her smiling face first thing in the morning.

jeff and i have started looking for a house and put an offer on this one in sierra madre (which is not at all a town we even considered).  but once we saw this beautiful craftsmen on a sweet tree-lined street, walking distance to everything in town, we bought into the fantasy. i pictured walking her to school (yes, that could actually happen) and to the park and to ice cream (Moo Creamery, amazing!) bottom line i was sold.  sadly, we did NOT get the house, and it reminded me of my single days, when you like a guy SO much, but he never calls back after what you thought was a fantastic date.  yeah, it was that, but in house form.  we're still mourning our rejection, but, on the positive side, it made us think really hard about what kind of life we want to build with amelia.

slumber parties with my tita!  i've known erin for eight years now and we've been single together, partnered off together and now she's single again. i love that when i have a really rough week, she will come spend the night with me and my baby on a friday night. nothing like drinking wine and experiencing earthquakes together.  then getting up the next day and shopping for bargains at the rack. amelia chewed on hangers while we shopped. we all enjoyed some girl time.

secret single behavior!  i may not be single anymore, but with jeff out of town i tapped into my guilty (and maybe ghetto) pleasure - buying a slice of grocery store sheet cake and eating it for dinner!