Wednesday, February 8, 2012

sending a little valentine's day love to my marys

i have never really been a valentine's day fan.  when i was single (please note every single year until three years ago) i never had a valentine and it always made me feel like an outsider.  i still remember how excited i was one year in high school when my mom sent me red roses in a  heart-shaped mug (thank you mom for being so thoughtful).  that almost made up for being surrounded by a sea of girls walking the halls, showing off their dozens of red roses and balloons.

since i've met jeff, i feel like i'm betraying all the single ladies by jumping into this lovefest full of hearts and roses.  but, i have to admit that whenever jeff asks what i want for valentine's i just say some beautiful flowers.  maybe it's because i went all of those years without, or just that i simply love flowers.  i don't need dinner, chocolates, just the flowers - and i can promise you one thing, the bouquet never has a single rose in it. 

most of my previous valentine's days have been spent with my marys (read devoted girlfriends). so, on this valentine's day, if you have a special someone absolutely shower them with love, but then why not send a special something to your girlfriend?  you know the girlfriend that listened to you crying ad nauseam about some loser who years later you would think "why did i even like that guy?"  or what about the friend who went shopping with you and  tirelessly watched you try on countless outfits for your date that night?  and that same friend who texted you the next day to for a full debrief on the evening?  or the friend who you can call when you are on the brink of sanity and just need her to say that one line that will make you crack up?

why not celebrate all of those ladies?  and here's what i'm thinking:

slate cheese board
my sister-in-law got this for christmas this year and i absolutely love it.  you can write the names of the cheese directly on the board and  it comes in a burlap sack! the best part?  it's only $25 at brooklyn slate co.

keel's simple diary

i stumbled upon these babies at taschen and i've been obsessed ever since.  it's the journal for the lazy person.  each entry already has questions for you, so you don't have to stare at a blank page. not to mention, they come in bright, cheery colors.  check them out here.

sex and the city print

most of my girlfriends love reminiscing on good sex & the city quotes. this one is a perfect little gift to inspire your friend. you can find it on etsy.

here's another.  i'm not as much a fan of the chandelier, but you could always print this yourself & frame it:

you can find it at buttercupink.

favorite books

these are two of my all-time favorites and they couldn't be more different. i think carl hiaasen has to be one of the funniest writers i've ever read.  i always laugh out loud when reading one of his books, especially sick puppy.   and on a completely different note, although forever amber is 1000+ pages, this period drama will suck you in.  i was so intoxicated that i read it in the shower.

cookies from scratch

if you want to make something homemade, why not just bake some yummy cookies?  i'm sure your friend would appreciate a little sugar on valentine's day!

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