Wednesday, February 22, 2012

romantic comedies

i know it's so clichéd to say, but i am a total sucker for romantic comedies - even the bad ones (i realize i'm developing a pattern here -- first the bachelor, now this).  it's one of my secret no-longer-single girl behaviors.  after having dragged poor jeff to a couple (he gets major points for that), now i just either go with a girlfriend or by myself and sit back in the dark theater, eating my buttered popcorn and enjoying every minute of the sappy lovefest. on the rare rainy day in la when i'm feeling extra lazy, i'll even watch a good ol' lifetime television for women movie - the cheesier the better.  what is it about them?  i know i can't be alone here.

so the next time you just feel like checking out and watching some completely unrealistic, fluffy love story, here are a few i recommend:

crazy, stupid, love -- two words: ryan gosling

when harry met sally -- my all-time favorite

500 days of summer --
this indie romantic comedy made me fall in love with joseph gordon-levitt

bridget jones's diary -- i remember laughing hysterically when reading the book and being so excited to see the film adaptation.  it did not disappoint.  every woman loves a little mark darcy, right? 

pretty woman -- if only for this line: "big mistake. big. huge!"

how to lose a guy in 10 days -- this is one of those that falls into the bad category, but i can admit to watching it whenever i see it on hbo.  hope and i still to this day, laugh when we say "bullshit" in matthew mconaughey's southern accent (keep in mind we're also known for quoting horrible lines that no one else remembers).  also, why do the girls in romantic comedies always have these amazing apartments and are super stylish when they live in cities like NY or LA and have jobs that would no way support their lifestyle?

love actually -- this is 8 different romantic comedies shoved into one delicious christmas story and it gets me every time.

definitely, maybe - i have to say i went into this one thinking it was just going to be one of those bad movies i will secretly like -- but it was actually really lovely and i appreciated how they mixed up the romantic comedy formula.

what are some of your favorites?


  1. I watch "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" every single time too. Don't know what it is about that bad, bad movie...

  2. The Notebook is probably my fav but I also love Sleepless in Seattle. BOOM