Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Fashion Let Downs

it's not even that i don't like the gown, it's just that this valentino makes shailene look like she's in her 40s and she's only 20!!

i love viola davis, i really do and i think she has looked amazing all season long, but i am just not a fan of how revealing this dress is.  the color is phenomenal, but her boobs are just too present for me - somehow it makes it look cheap.

i know everyone is loving on rooney mara, but i find her to be way too skinny and i'm not a fan of her look.  maybe i'm a little biased because i feel like she comes off so cold in her interviews as if she is just too cool.  wasn't she this bubbly girl next door in the social network last year?

sandra bullock looked incredible the year she won, so i have to ask what the hell happened here?

*thanks to people & us weekly for the images.

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