Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my incredibly thoughtful sister-in-law

last night i was lying on the couch not feeling so well when jeff returned home with these gorgeous flowers for me from carrie and the girls:

they were to thank me for watching emma & addie last week while jamie and carrie went to a movie premiere downtown.  but it's not like that was work at all.  i love being able to be the fun aunt who helps them make lemonade and takes them to menchie's on a school night for froyo. that's what we're supposed to do!

back to the flowers ... not only are ranunculus one of my favorite flowers, but they came in a mason jar with this sweet grosgrain bow tied around them!  when i was looking at them this morning i thought about how i hit the jackpot with carrie.  i have always been a girls' girl and i cherish my girlfriends, so i consider myself very lucky that i ended up with probably the best sister-in-law i could have imagined - and that is important considering our husbands are identical twins.  what would it be like if we didn't get along?

my friend erin said she wishes her boyfriend was a voris, just so carrie could be her sister-in-law and i get it.  carrie is incredibly thoughtful, warm, generous, super crafty, and she appreciates the importance of a good conversation over a latte.  the bottom line is that she makes you feel better just being around her.  and like i said earlier, that could be really tricky if we didn't click.  so this tuesday morning i feel very thankful for carrie and am so blessed that we are family.

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  1. mwah! i love you, jb.
    we feel like it is our family who hit the jackpot, though. we all adore you.

    and it was addikins who picked out the flowers. we were on our saturday 1/2 off flower spree again this week and i had tulips in my hand for you when addie spotted the ranuculus bunch. i did remember that they were your faves, so they became "jb's."

    hope you are feeling better and having a great week! we will be in your hood on saturday (the TJ's) selling cookies, so come see us! also...we need to do a little shopping for THE TRIP! only 2 weeks away...