Tuesday, February 7, 2012

if i were a guy on valentine's day...

here are a few things i'd buy my lady:

marc bernstein gold rope wrap bracelet

one of my oldest & dearest friends (shout out to sandra moser) gave me this gorgeous bracelet for my birthday last year.  i am so in love with it that i wear it whenever i can, and every time i wear it i get a compliment.  sandra is one of those gift givers who is extremely generous & thoughtful, which means that i often panic when her birthday rolls around.  smoser sets the bar pretty high and honestly, i don't know that i ever meet it!  so, if you know someone who likes to accessorize with a little bling, check out his site.  there are a ton of different variations - from color of rope to style of jewels and leather.  

love print

20x200 has a variety of awesome prints, like this one.  this way you're not only sending a love note, you're helping to decorate the place.

ll bean's wicked good scuffs (or as i like to call them, slippers)

this might seem kind of boring and not very romantic, but hear me out.  my mom and jerry got jeff a pair of ll bean slippers for his birthday and i sorta ended up "borrowing" them.  i never thought of myself as a slipper girl before, but my feet often get cold and i don't really like wearing shoes in the house - btw does anybody?  these are lined with sheepskin which makes them super snugly and cozy.  so the other night jeff told me i was getting one of my valentine's gifts early, as he wanted to actually wear his slippers (can't say i blame him). long story short,  i got my very own pair!

a pretty vase with fresh flowers

rather than send a lavish bouquet of overpriced flowers, why not stop off at the market on your way home and grab some fresh tulips to put in a vase she can keep?  they have an adorable assortment at anthropologie.

rebecca minkoff red wallet

gilt has a ton of great ideas like this lovely little red wallet, perfect for the holiday.

kiehl's lip balm
this is a simple gift that a girl can always use - moisturizes your lips w an spf and a splash of color.  check out kiehls for more ideas!

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