Thursday, January 12, 2012

a work in progress

my husband has to be one of the best gift givers there is.  he remembers crazy things you mentioned liking six months prior, or tracks down the illustrator of your favorite childhood book and commissions him to draw you your favorite character.  when he proposed to me he designed this incredible photography book with over 700 pictures that illustrated almost every moment of our past year together.  the last page was a picture of the ring that said "will you marry me?"  he's THAT good.  so, you can imagine how hard it is to give this guy a gift, right? a lot of pressure.  his birthday is this month, so i'll keep you posted on what i come up with.

anyway, we have been trying to get pregnant for the past year and for christmas this year, he gave me a daruma doll.  these japanese dolls are symbols of good luck, hope and optimism.  you paint in one eye with a black pen (i broke the rules and chose a pretty blue for our future baby), make a wish and when that wish comes true, you paint in the other eye.  this is a great gift idea for anyone making a life change, or who is tackling a challenge.

i was just so touched by this little guy, that on the very early hours of new year's day, we decided to fill in the one eye.  i'll keep you posted when we get to fill in the other ;)

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