Thursday, January 19, 2012

things that are cozy

last year when november rolled around and my family started calling and asking "what do you and jeff want for christmas?" i had an answer for them.  for years (no exaggeration) i had been on the quest for the perfect duvet cover.  i had scoured my favorite sites, searched all the tj maxx & marshalls in the vicinity, browsed through dozens of catalogs -- and nothing.  we had found these ikea (read super cheap) curtains that i fell in love with a year ago, but they were patterned and clashed with almost any duvet i liked and, therefore, were not making this duvet quest easy.  but, because they were so cute and adorable, i wasn't letting them go. i would just have to find a duvet that would work.

a few months back, i found my little beauty while browsing for towels in restoration hardware. it was perfect.   it had just enough pattern to disguise any cat hair, but soft enough to make the room feel light and airy.  it was also expensive and jeff isn't as into spending money on home decor as i am.  so, instead of fighting him on it,  i knew that christmas was right around the corner and this would be the perfect remedy to the situation.

and it paid off!  this year, we got exactly what we i needed - a lot of restoration hardware gift certificates.  i even had enough to throw in this luxurious cashmere pillow and still a little extra leftover to continue sprucing up the room.  now, our room feels so relaxing and romantic.  a big thank you to all of the family members who participated in our cause!  so, without further ado, i'd like to introduce our new bedding  (please note, baxter was so thrilled that he got his model on in a few of the photos):

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