Monday, January 30, 2012

happy birthday to my favorite person

almost four years ago, i was flying back from sxsw and coerced the girl sitting next to you to switch seats with me. i told her i was terrified of flying and needed to sit beside to my newfound "friend" for moral support, but the truth was i just had a huge crush on you and wanted to get to know you more.  i was shocked when she actually agreed and moved back six rows to the rear of the plane into that less desirable seat.  and it was there in my new seat that a feeling came over me that i just couldn't shake.  i just knew that something was going to happen here.   and you were the first guy that i ever just knew with.

so, on your birthday jeff, i want to say:

thank you for always having something interesting to talk about (and looking so handsome when you do!)

for not only being one of the most brilliant people i know, but also for inspiring me to be more creative

 for being the comfort i need when i've had a bad day

for always being optimistic, even when i can't

 for embracing my goofy side

for emphasizing the importance of travel (and getting lost) in our lives

for always being so thoughtful

and most of all, for reminding me that we are a team

happy birthday, baby.  this year is going to be a good one.  i just know it.

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