Monday, January 16, 2012

favorite golden globes moments

i love the golden globes.  every year, i set aside almost a full day to indulge in a few of my favorite things -- movies, celebrity gossip and fashion!  i know this time of year many are focused on football, but i was just never a sports girl.  so, think of this as my super bowl day.  it's kind of a big deal.  i always indulge myself in whatever i want -- sitting on the couch in my pajamas (of course, if i have guests i no doubt put a little more effort into my outfit), eating delicious NY style pizza, and usually call a girlfriend or two to discuss the dresses, cute accessories (most likely the dates) and the winners!

so, here are a few of my favorite moments from last night:

ricky gervais as host -- say what you will about the man, but i love him.  i love that he doesn't make cheesy jokes, or break out into song and dance.  i've loved him since "the office" and just find his humor to be so wrong, it's right.

michelle williams winning best actress -  i absolutely adore her.  to me, she is one of the best actresses of our generation (and let's be honest, she's not my generation.  as my boss loves to point out, i'm Gen X, NOT a millennial).  all the same, i love how she is fearless in her approach to acting and so humble about it. a friend of mine interviewed her recently and used the word luminescent to describe her. i think that might be the perfect adjective, especially in regards to her portrayal of marilyn monroe.  also, i love that she brings her bff busy phillips with her to all of the events.

homeland winning best drama series - my girlfriend erin turned me onto this show and ever since i saw it, i could not get enough of it.  i was on the edge of my seat for every episode of the series.  and thank god for it, because it was a nice follow up to the miserable season that dexter was this year.  it also brings me back to my days of living in dc.  of course, my days there revolved more around shopping, late night drinking and hanging out with my girlfriends & larrys, rather than chasing down terrorists, but that city will always hold a place in my heart.  quick fact: my sister clued me in that it's filmed in charlotte, nc.  also, don't you just love the dress claire danes was wearing?

tina fey photobombing amy poehler -- who doesn't love these two?  i am even more of a fan after reading tina fey's bossy pants.  i love that she describes raising her daughter alice to living with a drunk midget.

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