Tuesday, June 19, 2012

prints for the someday bun

i love words and i love having them surround our home, so we have lots of typography prints hanging all over the house. as my pinterest addiction has grown, i've spent more time thinking what can i decorate next?  every time we travel, i always try and buy a children's book, knowing that someday it will be so sweet to snuggle with my little babe and read a story i bought for him/her in new zealand, or hawaii, or ny.  so my secret is out people - i love looking for ideas for our hopefully-someday-nursery.  (i found almost all of these pics on etsy and meg fee on pinterest, btw).  here are some prints i'd love for our future little bun:

*from etsy*

*love how it looks framed - via littlegreennotebook*

*etsy - gusandlula*

*etsy - handz*

*for the ron burgundy fans out there*

*print by handz*

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