Monday, June 11, 2012

hitting the jack pot at the flea market

*photo: susan beal*

we live just a few miles from one of the best flea markets in the country -- the rose bowl.  it happens on the second sunday of each month and while overwhelming, it is 100% worth the crowds and the crazies.  and i promise you that the $8 admission fee will be the furthest thing from your mind when you walk away with all your bargains. 

yesterday's mission was to find an interesting piece of furniture that could hold all of our media components.  i have been complaining to jeff for over a year now about the janky system we had going on and we finally decided to dedicate some time to search.  of course, for me, that meant i i had to find something that weekend.  we braved the crowds at ikea on friday night, but really found nothing interesting. i really wanted a vintage piece.  i scoured the ads on craigslist, but again, nothing.  i remembered that sunday was the rose bowl flea market, so we were there bright and early, coffee in hand.  i found this awesome mid-century credenza and talked the guy down to a reasonable price.  being a total people pleaser, i'm usually too intimidated to bargain with these guys, but i had decided on an acceptable price in my head ($225), even though they wanted $275.  i held firm when he countered ($240)-- i even walked away when he said no.  thank god he called me back and gave me it for the price i wanted!

i think it looks pretty good in our living room.  now, onto my next project: the back yard.


  1. I LOVE this piece! It looks fantastic! I love the photos too :)

  2. How do you find this stuff?! I get so overwhelmed at the Rose Bowl...never found grown up/big kid stuff like this. Hmph

  3. score! it looks perfect.
    next project...helping me with all of the things i need to *find* - right??