Sunday, June 24, 2012


today i turn 36 and i'm reminded of that sex & the city episode (click here for the clip, but scroll to 3:26) where carrie waits forever for her friends to join her for her birthday at il cantinori and while she is sitting their alone, a birthday cake arrives at the table next to her and as the girl blows out her candles she says "25, f**** i'm old!" oh, to be 25!

that being said, i'm definitely one of those ladies who loves to celebrate her birthday.  maybe it's because my mom always made a point of making my birthday a big deal -- she still calls me and sings happy birthday first thing in the morning -- or maybe it's because i love birthday cake - either way, my birthday excitement ends up being something that stresses jeff out. what exactly do i want? do i want a party? just dinner? a cake?  do i really mean that i don't want a big present?

so this year, i said to him that i wanted to have a small group of friends over, have ricky of ensenada's fish tacos cater it (more coming on that later, but click here for more info), and margaritas.  when i told my friend marleine i really wanted a birthday cake, she said she would make one for me.  i told her not to go crazy, but she is known for her inability to do anything small.  she made this almost-wedding cake for me (thanks, mary!) - amazing!

even though my simple request turned into weeks of prepping the garden, buying new furniture, hanging more art in the house, it was all worth it in the end.

i just feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life - my husband, my family and my incredible friends who journey to pasadena even though it means sitting in traffic for an hour.  (i only feel bad that i didn't get to spend more one-on-one time with everyone, but that's always how it is when you host a party, right?)  i have a good job, a house that really does feel like a home, i'm in good health and on most days, i almost always find myself laughing.  it all makes turning one year older seem more like a gift than something to dread.



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