Tuesday, June 26, 2012

going down memory lane

the other day while i was driving through practically every neighborhood in los angeles on a massive hunt for a pair of spearmint skinny jeans from j crew  - they are sold out :( - i found myself in my old los feliz neighborhood.  it was the very first place i moved to when i arrived in los angeles ten years ago.  in fact, i found the apartment below within my first 24 hours here.  just having moved from washington d.c. i really wanted to be somewhere walkable.  i fell in love with the location and lived in two apartments in this building and then moved to a one-bedroom down the street.  i was feeling super nostalgic, so i took a quick tour through the neighborhood.

i used to love walking across the street and hearing marty & elaine sing

best conchinita pibil burrito in la

skylight - great neighborhood bookstore

loved eating pastries at figaro

my friend nedra was obsessed with fred 62's thai cobb salad

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