Wednesday, May 23, 2012

things that she wants

i spent saturday relaxing.  i didn't get out of bed until 10 am, threw on a sweatshirt and my glasses and laid around the house for most of the day. it was heaven.  after weeks of busy weekends, i finally had time to catch up on my blogs and here are a few things i found that i simply must have:

1.  i'm already planning a get away for jeff and i this summer - a trip to vancouver. i've never been and have been told the summer is a great time to go.  i ran across this picture on and it inspired me to get the ball rolling.

*capilano suspension bridge from the cool hunter*

2.  i discovered a new blog that i love, abbey goes design scouting.  she posted about the genius cuppow! which takes me back to my southern roots. if you have always wished to take your latte on the go in a canning jar, now's your chance.  how cool is this?

* from the cuppow! site*

3.  i have been on the quest for a nude espadrille that will give me just enough lift, without having me wobble around (85% of the time i wear flats now - okay, who am i kidding 99% of the time).  i recently stumbled across these at j crew.  the nude color elongates your legs and goes with just about anything - perfect for the summer season.

*photo from j crew*

4.  i have been eyeing these serving bowls for awhile.  we have so many beautiful serving dishes thanks to our generous wedding guests, but i didn't really register for any serving bowls.  i love these beauties from anthropologie, especially the green.

*photo from anthropologie*


  1. Vancouver is amazing - although I tend to always go in the Spring. May is gorgeous with all of the flowers blooming! In any case, you'll love it. There is so much to do - although try to budget some time in the mountains. The Rockies are the best part of Western Canada!

  2. I saw those shoes in the jcrew yesterday...i LOVE them. I may have to use a lil' giftcard that some lovely, generous sis-in-law gave me for my birthday to purchase them. ;) Oh...and check out more mason jar madness (it is the week for them, I think) at my friend Jen's yesterday too...

    1. looks like someone is getting a new pair of shoes :)

  3. I fell in love with Vancouver...the people, the green-loving architecture...the food!!! I'll be there in September! If you discover the city before that and find something snazzy please share :)

    (I went for work so I have yet to really make my mark.)

  4. I was in Vancouver a few years ago in July, and the weather was perfect (except for one day of rain). Amazing setting, great laid-back atmosphere, lots to see and do...

    Just recently discovered your blog, by the way, and enjoy reading your posts :-)

  5. Oooh you're coming to my 'hood! Summer is the best time of year in Vancouver, especially August and September, that's when we get the least rain. And this place is CHARMING when it's not raining. The Cap Suspension Bridge is great if you're not afraid of heights, and we have amazing hiking, dining, and fun things to do in the mountains and on the water!