Thursday, May 10, 2012

happy birthday to my favorite sister

i can't even imagine what on earth i would do without you in my life.  we have been friends since the minute i was born (or at least i like to think so).  i know i could be a super annoying little sister, but you always let me tag along. 

 to the world you might come off as super poised and reserved ...

but you are one of the biggest goofballs i know.   thank god we have the same sense of humor and love for bad 80's comedies ("who's harry crumb?" being high on the list).  there are just so many things that no one else in the entire world could find funny the way we do.

i love that we talk on the phone every day, despite the fact that we live on opposite ends of the country.

and there is absolutely no one that i would rather analyze things to death with. we can literally do that for hours!  and i can't even count the times i've called you angry or in tears and you've listened.  you let me get everything out and then you tell me your perspective - and you've almost always been right.  

it's just so amazing to me that i have spent my entire life with you.  that we have watched each other grow, that we've been there for each other through difficult times, supported each other during our hypochondriac moments (because you know how frequent those are) - and we somehow always manage to laugh.  i think i laugh more with you than just about anyone.   someone once said to me that the best thing she ever did was give her daughter a sister.   i always think of that, of how lucky i've been to have this built-in best friend my entire life.

so happy birthday, hope!  you are definitely a thing person that i love!


  1. Such a wonderful post and heartwarming birthday wishes! Very nice pictures, so sweet!
    Cheers xxxx

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