Friday, April 6, 2012

thankful for ... (easter candy)

i 100% believe that the best holiday candy comes out at easter.  maybe i'm swayed by the soft pastel colors coating the sugary goodness shaped into bunnies, chicks and eggs. or maybe it's the fact that some of my favorite childhood memories were waking up on easter morning wondering what delightful candy would await me in my basket.  so to celebrate the upcoming holiday, below are a few of my favorite easter candies that i am oh so thankful for.  i should mention that i expressed to jeff the other night that if we don't celebrate the holiday in any other way (because let's face it, we won't) we are definitely doing easter baskets on sunday.  which means, this post also is serving a purpose of inspiration for my easter basket.  are you getting the message, jeff?

cadbury mini eggs

these are my absolute favorite candy.  every time i suggest them to people, they think i'm talking about the chocolate cadbury eggs with the gooey center. no!  these are totally different, people.  what's so great about them?  the slight crunch that happens the minute you bite into them, the creaminess of the cadbury chocolate and the pastel colors.  these are the superior candy to m&ms - and they don't melt in your hands!  i hoard these every season, buying bags and bags to keep once easter has passed.  the only problem is that i can't stop myself from eating them, as i eat them more like popcorn than candy.  i would also like to mention that when jeff and i first started dating, i inter-officed him my last bag of these.  that should have let him know very early on how serious i was about our relationship.

reese's peanut butter egg

my favorite sweet combination is peanut butter and chocolate.  i've grown up loving reese's peanut butter cups, but every year when easter springs up, i get so excited for their peanut butter eggs.  why?  because the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is perfection.  i also love the iconic butter yellow wrapper with spring time's freshly bloomed tulips.

heavenly hash egg

not so many people know about these, but being that my entire family is from louisiana these were always a staple in our baskets.  for those of you who aren't familiar, elmer's makes this fluffy marshmallow egg coated in chocolate.  the best part about this candy is the salty crunch of the almonds that you get when you bite into the center.

the easter bunny

no easter basket is complete without the foil-wrapped bunny.  growing up we always got a milk chocolate one, but now i opt for dark chocolate.  i still remember unwrapping the foil and deciding where i was going to take a bite out of the hollow little guy.

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