Monday, April 9, 2012

laid back weekends

this weekend i spent two days of pure bliss relaxing, soaking up the sun by the pool, running errands, finding bargains at marshall's, having dinner out with friends and reading.  it was heaven.  at the end of the weekend i looked at jeff and said "we are so lucky.  we have such a great life."  i really need to remind myself of that on days where i get frustrated when i'm wanting to control the direction my life is taking, when i thought i'd be farther ahead than where i am.  sometimes it's great to look at your life and realize just how blessed you are.  here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the weekend:



once again, jeff totally surprised me and went well beyond my expectations.  just look at that basket (please note mine is the one in the top right overflowing with candy and adorable decorative carrots, while his is the meager little guy on the bottom right).

i opted to go for less candy in his basket, because we are trying to eat healthy, but jeff.  well, jeff got me three bags of cadbury mini eggs, three bags of sour patch candy, candy cigarettes (i loved them in my childhood -- and feel like i'd kinda like them now since i quit smoking three years ago), an emergency coke, caramel syrup from starbucks and the best part -- a new subscription to US WEEKLY).  well, done jeff!

dinner with jorge and jenny at racion

saturday night we went out to celebrate our friend jenny, as she had just (that day!) completed her occupational therapy program.  she has invested so much time and effort over the past several years and we felt she needed a fun night out.  always up for trying new dining gems in pasadena, jeff had recently read about the opening of spanish restaurant racion.  one word: delightful.  i will be blogging about this one more, but for the time being know that it's on the top of my list for places to go in old town.  the ambiance was great (adorable glass-pained building) the food was eclectic and exquisite and every dish that came out was mouthwatering.    

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