Thursday, April 19, 2012

krispy kreme

donuts are one of my many weaknesses.  i mean what is better than treating yourself to dessert in the morning? it feels so decadent to get out of bed on a lazy sunday, bypass the oatmeal and go straight to fluffy fried dough.  am i right?

oddly enough, los angeles has a ton of donut shops.  i mean they are practically on every corner, just down the block from all of the burger joints.  it's not what you'd expect from this super fit southern california city, but it's true.  i guess the logic is if you indulge in too many fatty foods, you can just have it lipoed off, or go on a juice cleanse for a week?

i'm always up to try out a new place, but i'm rarely impressed.  once after hearing matthew weiner talk at a writer's bloc event about his local donut shop, jeff and i hunted down sk donuts and became sunday regulars.  we were so happy to find a place in hancock park that was actually good.  yes, that's the takeaway i got from listening to the creator of mad men speak for a couple of hours -- a great place to go for donuts on the weekend.  i have my priorities.

although there have been some good places (sk and alex donut), i am a north carolina girl after all and my heart will always belong to krispy kreme. lucky for me (or bad for me now that bikini season is right around the corner) there is one right near my office.  their iconic red and green logo peppered with polka dots just makes me happy and there is nothing like the welcome sight of the flashing "hot" sign, signaling fried dough that literally melts in your mouth. whenever the light is on, you simply have to an original glazed!

i was in an especially good mood yesterday morning, so i decided to stop off at krispy kreme and order my favorite: a chocolate iced cream filled donut.  it most definitely is a thing that i love and made my day so much better!

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  1. Jessica, I have to say I envy you for being so close to SK. My husband and I used to go every Sunday as well, when we lived in the area. We moved to Sherman Oaks last year and let me tell you - the donuts are NOT the same. :) I highly recommend the donut shop in the Farmer's Market at the Grove... they have one shaped like a kitty cat face that I dream of often!
    (A Virginia girl, who also misses KK - had no idea they had one in LA!)