Wednesday, April 11, 2012

impromptu guitar sessions

last night when jeff came home i actually had dinner ready, cleaned the house, and wrapped our niece's ninth birthday present.  getting this much accomplished on a week day happens once every blue moon, or on days when i work from home.  today, i worked from home.  it's amazing what you can do with that hour and a half that you aren't sitting in traffic.

after dinner, he pulled out his guitar, we opened a bottle of wine, grabbed the leftover easter candy and we sang (not while eating the candy).

at first, it started out like the kristen wiig skit on snl, with me saying "don't make me sing!" even though it was my idea.  then i needed help on actually knowing when to come in which then led to many sessions of "okay, tell me when to come in. wait, when do i come in?"
but, eventually i got the hang of it and it was a really fun evening.  way better than sitting on the couch and watching hours of bad tv.

click on the image below to watch the video.  i promise it will make you laugh:

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