Tuesday, July 10, 2012

tuesday fashion - anthropologie sales are the best

via coolspotters.com
several months ago, i was shopping with my friend leah and when she tried on this top, i knew i was going to have to single white female her for sure.  i just loved how flowy it was, the detail of the roped neckline, and those two elements paired with my favorite color sent me over the edge.  she somehow decided not to get it and since i wasn't shopping for myself that day, i didn't feel like being so obvious about copying her in that moment so i walked away, too.

however, several months later as i was scouring the sale racks at anthropologie, there it was staring at me with a reduced price tag of $19.99.  umm...done!  you know the best part about getting a new shirt, is when you always want to wear it.  i have found myself thinking "has this person seen me in it this week?" before i slip it on.  i love the look of the flowy top paired with my structured vintage old navy blazer.

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  1. haha, I knew I recognized that top! Looks great on you, love!