Wednesday, July 4, 2012

making new friends

one of the things i admire most about my friend tita, is her ability to talk to anyone, anywhere.  when we were single it made being out at the bars a lot more bearable (and productive).  now that we are both coupled off, it offers spontaneous moments of laughter. 

last night we were at the grove/farmer's market and we walked by these two grandpas.  she saw they had a stack of crossword puzzles and immediately said "ooh, i love crosswords!"  one of the men said "oh, great, honey.  you can help.  i do the new york times every week and i've been working on this one for three weeks!" 

we proceeded to stand their with our pinkberry yogurts melting while tita shouted out "x games, rolex, one pm." 

as we walked off we were both wondering "were they homeless or just old?"  i like to think that the man's stack of puzzles he "found" and plastic bag wrapped in tape meant that he was just frugal.  either way, our little encounter made my day.

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