Wednesday, July 11, 2012

good pizza (which is nearly impossible to find in l.a.)

i have to admit that i am a complete pizza snob.  it's not that i'm above all chain restaurants in the universe, but the idea of domino's or pizza hut -- well, i just can't eat it.  it just tastes too sweet, too doughy.

when i moved to los angeles ten years ago, finding a good slice of pizza was high on my list and i managed to find it within the very first month.  at the time, i was babysitting for this family and they insisted that i must go to village pizzeria in larchmont for a real pizza pie.  since then, i've almost always been disappointed with any other slices in the city.  i do think that vito's is also excellent, and tomato pie is another winner, but my heart will always belong to village.

first of all, i love that it's this small, lively worn-in restaurant in larchmont.  but more than that, i love that they have true thin crust slices with cheese that just bubbles ever-so-slightly over the tangy tomato sauce -- and it's the perfect ratio of cheese to sauce.   i go pretty old school in my order, usually just a slice of pepperoni. that's all i want a simple, delicious slice of pie.  there's just nothing like it when you've had a bad day and you want to curl up on the couch with a movie and a couple of slices.

tell me, what are your go-to pizza places?

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