Monday, July 8, 2013

saturday afternoon bbq and pool time

Now that we're officially parents we've started to adapt to the lazy weekend.  I never fully understood it before we had kids, but when you do have tiny little ones it feels like so much work (and very little pay off) to go out to a lot of places, so the idea of taking it easy at home becomes more appealing.  When my friend Leah asked if we wanted to get together on Saturday I jumped at the idea of having her family over for some pool time and barbecuing.  My friend Tita and I had also talked about getting together, and since she was totally up for making the trek to Pasadena, it turned into a mini fiesta.  We ended up having a fantastic day -- grilling out, swimming and eating homemade ice cream.  My sweet husband ended up bearing the brunt of the work to get everything ready, but he agreed it was well worth it.  Amelia was so worn out that she slept 7 1/2 hours straight.  Fun day with friends, food and sleeping babies - Everybody won!

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