Friday, July 26, 2013

i'm thankful for ...

my new baublebar bracelets (thanks, sandra!) that are super easy to put on and add a little touch of style to my mom basics these days

having my sister here for a full week.  it was amazing to see how she instinctively knew how to soothe little amelia ... and make her laugh.  and the one thing they have in common:  napping! i was so overjoyed with seeing my two all-time favorite ladies finally meet.  my sister and i have a ridiculously close bond, so it was important to me that amelia have hope's name as her middle.  i just hate that we live so far away.  it's incredibly difficult to be so far from your family once you have a little one.  i cried all the way home from dropping her off at the airport.

my newest obsession:  old school s'mores.  every night after i put amelia down, and just before i sit down to pump, i make one of these guys.  it came on almost like a pregnancy craving - and i can't stop!  it all started with don draper talking about hershey bars on the last season of mad men.  for some insane reason, i was in the grocery store and just *needed* to make s'mores.  smart move of hershey's advertising on mad men.  well done, my friend, you suckered in this mama.

watching amelia become more alert every day

this little snuggler

fresh cherry tomatoes to snack on that, in my opinion, round out the s'mores eating


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