Friday, July 5, 2013

i'm thankful for ...

Amelia being two months today!

*photo by Jeff

Finding great summer bargains at J Crew.  Regular price: $115. Marked down to $69.00 + additional 30% off = $53.40.  Using a birthday gift card from my dad & Carolyn (thanks!!) = FREE

Beating the 100+ degree heat with a DQ blizzard

Sweet little Amelia sleeping almost 8 straight hours last night.  I woke up to a smiley baby and feel like a new woman.

Making lemonade out of lemons.  I was determined continue a 4th of July tradition and to go to the movies with Amelia yesterday.  Jeff was skeptical, but we attempted it. We went to the Arclight to see The Heat, bought three tickets (yes, they make you by a ticket for a tiny baby), got popcorn and sodas, sat down and lasted maybe ten minutes.  I guess I got a little over confident from going to my Mommy & Me movies.  Anyway, we ended up watching Identity Thief at home.  It's not fantastically funny, but it was totally worth it for a rental.  I still got my Melissa McCarthy fix and it didn't matter how much noise our little one made :)

*photo from IMDB

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