Monday, April 7, 2014

A Girl and her Daddy

The past few weeks have been rough in the Voris household.  Amelia was sick with a cold, which meant no outings with our mommy and baby friends.  Then, just as she was getting better, I got the stomach flu.  It was not pretty.  But, luckily Jeff is our rock and managed to take care of his (very) needy girls all weekend.

Even though there are few things I hate more than nausea (and everything that comes along with a nasty stomach bug), the bright side of being bedridden for days was seeing the bond between these two.  It makes me ridiculously happy to see how much they love each other.

One of the first thoughts I had when we found out we were having a girl, was that she just hit the jackpot with Jeff.  I love knowing that she will grow up feeling so, so loved by her dad.  That's pretty powerful for a little girl.