Wednesday, April 23, 2014

finding legitimately good bbq in la

Last weekend Jeff and I made a plan to head down to Olvera Street and then grab lunch at the Horse Thief.  My friend Marleine randomly mentioned that it served up good bbq.  I was 100% skeptical, because being from the South I'm almost always disappointed in LA's options.  But, we went and it was fantastic. Their bbq was delicious, but I'm completely obsessed with their greens - the perfect combination of sour and bitter!

It's a part of Grand Central Market, which has turned into a very cool, trendy place to hang out with friends, eat delicious food and sip espresso. 

It makes a great day excursion, even if your baby skipped her first nap and you couldn't actually make it to Olvera Street, still well worth it!

Afterwards, I needed a coffee so we headed to G&B Coffee.  The iced cappuccino did not disappoint.

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