Wednesday, November 28, 2012

fancy makeup

I love buying makeup.  When I was in high school, one of my favorite things was going to the cosmetic counter (then Merle Norman (oh yes) and Clinique) with my mom and having the lady select the perfect blush, eye shadow, or foundation.  I guess then it somehow made me feel grown up.  I remember opening the box and pulling out the lipstick and just looking at it. Then, I'd put it back in the pretty little box, as it just felt too decadent to throw away.  This went on for a few days until I finally accepted reality and threw the container away and put the lipstick in my purse.

Through the years, I've definitely experimented with all different lines and price points, and absolutely mix in match between expensive and bargain cosmetics, but one of my favorites to splurge on is Laura Mercier.  Now that I'm prego and not buying clothes (and not fitting into my old clothes), I decided a way to add some style is with a little color on my face.  Last weekend I went to Nordstrom's and bought this Laura Mercier kit, which comes with three eye shadows, eye liner, lip gloss, bronzer AND blush. I've been wearing it everyday this week and feeling a little sassier. 

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