Saturday, November 24, 2012

chocolate break

Today was one of the first days that I have felt good in months.  Obviously, it goes without saying how thrilled I am to be pregnant, but up until today I have been nauseated more hours of the day than not.

I took advantage of this moment and headed out for a little retail therapy, which ended up being more involved than I originally planned.  My favorite moment of the day was popping into the Godiva shop and treating myself to a couple delicious truffles.  It is the little things ...

1 comment:

  1. Phew - I was about to e you and ask if you were ok as the silence was (a tad) worrying. Glad to hear all is well, not so greta on the nausea - it is not fun at all. If you can snack on ginger - drinks or biscuits - it helps, trust me.

    Hopefully it'll settle down soon and you can enjoy every single moment - because you so deserve to. xxx