Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ladies only brunch

This past Sunday my girlfriends took me out for an early birthday celebration and it was magnificent.  It felt so nice to sit down with four of my favorite people and just talk for hours, while eating of course.  We caught up on men, babies, more men and more babies. 

We went to Mess Hall in Los Feliz and I don't think any of us had one complaint.  The food was delicious -- I definitely recommend the french toast, breakfast burrito, chicken and waffles and smoked salmon benedict -- there was no bad dish there!  They were streaming the Billie Holiday channel on Pandora and our waiter was fantastic.  He even took the picture above.

But the best part was being out with my Marys and feeling like myself again.  Even better was the Burke Williams gift certificate they spoiled me with -- and even better?  Coming home to my sweet girl and having her nuzzle into me, falling asleep in my arms.

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